About us

ONEPoznań stands for a UNITED city. ONE is also for One of us, women that live in the city. United Poznań and ONE of you, who make your own histories, speaking loudly of your needs, feelings, ideas and work. One of US in Poznań. A women’s voice which will sound loud and clear all over Poznań in the year marking the 100th anniversary of Women’s Rights. We grant you an opportunity to casually voice thoughts and information on all that matters to WOMEN, by RIGHTS.

ONEPoznań is a platform created specifically to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Rights in Poznań, a site to emphasise the unique character of the city and its female citizens. ONEPoznań means to set apart women’s voices on important social, cultural and political matters. It is meant as a thought and opinion exchange platform on topics ranging from women’s safety and security, welfare programs, women’s political activities to cultural and artistic projects and the response to thereof.

ONEPoznań will also serve as a newsfeed presenting events connected with the celebrations of the Women’s Rights Year; we’ll recommend and review the latest events, publish interviews with their authors and, eventually, instruct on how to gain funds to carry out projects of your own.

You’ll find NGOs and other organisations concerned with women’s rights and issues listed here. You can get to know amazing, creative and proactive women of Poznań or browse through artistic and cultural events by the women and for the women.

We aim to be open towards all women and the various initiatives that matter to them. We think Poznań as a mother-city to such celebrations will prove a place where women’s rights and concerns are taken into account irrespective of age, profession or marital status.

We do not want to think about the 100th Year Anniversary as yet another official celebration in honour of historical events. We would like to see the Women’s Year as a time, when history is being made in Poznań. It is about the present day, which respectfully looks back to draw useful lessons from the past, but turns towards the tomorrow. We are not just a pretty face, what we want is to actually shape the trends and the course of events. We would like Poznań to speak loud on women during the Women’s Year.

We invite all women to actively engage in the jubilee year festivities whether it be to command attention to their nearest concerns or their projects, or to debate and voice their opinions.