Herstory is history from a point of view of women and about women. Scroll below to find information on people, initiatives and institutions that revive the memory of Poznań women: Poznań and Polish heroines, who earned their place in history books; but also those everyday unrecognised heroines, whose work and life left a mark on the city – our grandmothers, mothers and aunts.


In a project “The Enthusiasts of Pedagogy and Education” the scholars and students of the AMU Department of Educational Studies impersonated the historic women educationalists, tutors and teachers and created a 2017-2018 calendar.


Poznań Women Route

– premiere of a new tourist tour through the Royal-Imperial Route

Poznań Women Route Premiere
will take place on 7th April 2018
at Porta Posnania (Gdańska Street) at 4 p.m.

If we should like to go back in time to the beginning of our common history, to the early centuries of Poland ruled by the Piast dynasty, we would behold a world seemingly severe and male. Ancient records rarely attest women’s decisive influence on the surrounding reality. When compared with mighty rulers and the grand political events documented on the leafs of chronicles and annals, female world appears to be a great though unsung hero through the ages.

Despite adverse limitations in the area of culture and politics, many women managed to play a significant and independent role in our history. Owing to innate talents or learned skills, let alone advantageous circumstances, they gained power over the fate of the land, authored poetry and literature, composed music, became mystics and visionaries. However, they were seldom allowed to write on their own behalf. What we know of women’s lives comes to us through men, filtered through their not ever favourable point of view.

Lately, we have realised how incomplete and one-sided the perspective is. In order to show women’s genuine impact on history, their opinions and aims, there came about an idea for a Poznań Women Route.

On the 100th anniversary of Polish women gaining their political rights follow the Poznań Women Route!

You’ll find free tourist folders at Porta Posnania, City Information Centre (CIM), Tourist Information office and the Royal-Imperial Route official website.

May till September, we invite you all to join our free guided tours!