• Wystawa Herstoria 1918/1919 / do 31.12. na Wolnym Dziedzińcu Urzędu Miasta Poznania


ONEPoznań stands for a UNITED city. ONE is also for One of us, women that live in the city. We will present and recommend events, we will interview authors and creators, we will tell you how to finance your projects and cheer for you. ONEPoznań means to highlight the distinctive features of the City and its female citizens. A united Poznań and ONE of you, who make your own histories, speaking loudly of your needs, feelings, ideas and work. One of US in Poznań. Join us now, let your voice be heard, too!

ONEPoznań is a platform created specifically to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Rights in Poznań, a site to emphasise the unique character of the city and its female citizens. ONEPoznań means to set apart women’s voices on important social, cultural and political matters. It is meant as a thought and opinion exchange platform on topics ranging from women’s safety and security, welfare programs, women’s political activities to cultural and artistic projects and the response to thereof.

If you are an event organiser or a project leader and you would like to share information connected with your Project on the Women’s Rights Year with ONEPoznań, please, send us the details.
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ONEPoznań |  The 100th Anniversary of Women’s Rights in Poznań

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