Zgłoś swój projekt!

ONEPoznań stands for a UNITED city. ONE is also for One of us, women that live in the city.

We will present and recommend events, we will interview authors and creators, we will tell you how to finance your projects and cheer for you. ONEPoznań means to highlight the distinctive features of the City and its female citizens. A united Poznań and ONE of you, who make your own histories, speaking loudly of your needs, feelings, ideas and work. One of US in Poznań. Join us now, let your voice be heard, too!

Show Us Your Project!

If you are an event organiser or a project leader and you would like to share information connected with your Project on the Women’s Rights Year with ONEPoznań, please, send us the following details:

–        name of event

–        type of event, e.g., conference, workshops, debate, exhibition, course or other

–        date and venue

–        organisers and/or leaders’ names along with their contact details and a short description of your everyday work. You may also include your logo.

–        a short description of the event planned (max. 300 words, but we reserve the right to shorten it even further)

–         picture / graphics / logo (ensure good resolution and acknowledge the author. Mind you, by sending pictures you agree to have them published on and project-related social media sites as part of the event’s promotional post).

We accept applications all throughout 2018. Just email the details to