To Poznań Women

Dear Women of Poznań,

To mark the 100th Anniversary of Polish women gaining the vote and to celebrate 2018 as the Women’s Year the City of Poznań, hereby offers the ONEPoznań.pl site to all Poznań women. ONEPoznań will be devoted to spotlight and promote information on social, educational and cultural events and initiatives connected with the celebrations of the centenary of women’s rights in Poznań.

But first and foremost ONEPoznań.pl is to serve as a forum for debate, whereby you, women of Poznań, may take active part. We hope to see a variety of voices of modern women, including the young and the senior, working or on career breaks, encompassing a diversified social standing. Here is a portal to let you express and popularise a women’s point of view on any issue that is of importance to you. Personally, I intend to follow the site closely, and I encourage all to do so, to listen even more attentively to women’s voices, talking about what they need and what they take pride in, their problems and expectations. Poznań is a woman and I am happy that ONEPoznań can also vouch for that. We would like the City of Poznań to become an ambassador for modern thought on feminine matters, rights and activity. We mean to highlight the role of women as citizens of Poznań, Poland and the world. Feel free to use the site to share your ideas, thoughts and views. Your opinion does matter!

Jacek Jaśkowiak

Mayor of Poznań

Jacek Jaśkowiak
Jacek Jaśkowiak actively supports gender equality and women’s fight for self-determination. He initiated the Poznań municipal IVF refund programme and made a decision to create a post of the Mayor’s Proxy for Equal Treatment at the Poznań City Hall. He approved the Diversity Charter for the City of Poznań to promote and popularise equal treatment policy and workplace diversity management. He was the first Polish mayor ever to take part in Equality March in order to protest against social exclusion. He is actively involved and keenly supports equal treatment policies and practices countering discrimination, which brought him the Diversity Award granted by the Congress of Women, whose first edition outside of Warsaw was held in Poznań, actually. Also, he supports the idea of municipal funding for a pioneering programme of classes tackling discrimination and marginalisation at Poznań schools.  

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